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Introducing Hydropower International

Our innovation and design aims to unlock the enormous reserves of energy within tidal streams to produce green electricity, across the globe.

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Blue Water

About Us

Tidal power has the potential to be the world's largest producer of predictable renewable electricity. There is a long history of using the force of water to produce mechanical energy and indeed prior to the advent of the steam engine, water wheels were the primary method of driving machinery such as flour mills, sawmills, hammer mills and many others. The Romans had used watermills very effectively with one of the earliest at Chemtou, Tunisia.

Our turbine design can extract energy from all flow rates available above 1 m/s economically. The design is robust and scalable and presents few issues to wildlife.

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What We Do

We have designed 'The Edward's Turbine' which is:


Easy to maintain

Long life Cycle

Further details of the design will be announced once patents have been lodged.

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